Learn gardening WITH your children!

This unique learning experience puts you in the role of learner right beside your child. Together you will learn and grow food for your family. Embark on this year-long supported journey. 

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Have fun with the whole family 

This course is one price per family and everyone is invited to participate however they want. Because you will actually be making or expanding your garden, everyone will be naturally drawn into the action! From designing the garden and deciding what to grow, to gathering materials and planting seeds, there is something for everyone. 

Gain practical skills that will last a lifetime

By learning to provide for one of your most basic needs, you and your children will feel a sense of safety, satisfaction, and enjoyment. Plus you will save tons of money, eat better quality and more delicious food, and suffer lower rates of depression and anxiety. Children are more likely to eat what they grow and learn healthier eating habits for life. 

Enjoy a supported learning environment

You don't have to figure it all out on your own! I will lead you through an entire year, breaking it down into bite-sized pieces for you and your children. No gardening experience required! Plus, there is a community of like-minded families doing the same thing. 

How it Works

Each week, there will be a short, interactive lesson over Zoom covering one gardening topic.

Participants implement what they learned and report back the following week. There are ideas for exploring the topic further, in other areas of study and connecting it to all areas of life. 

No gardening experience is necessary, but you must have access to space to build a garden. I will teach you how to build it using all recycled materials!

There is a private Facebook Group for questions, photos, and connecting with other students, and a website with written and video content.

Learn a new way of gardening and looking at life.

The course is based on Permaculture, which uses natural principles to create gardens that are less work and more abundant. These  principles can be applied in every aspect of our lives.

Students will be able to take these skills with them and be able to create abundant gardens wherever they go. And they will be able to use these natural principles and design skills to live lives filled with intention and all manner of abundance.

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This course starts September 19, 2022 and meets most Mondays at 10:30am Alaska time over Zoom. 

This is a 12 month course. 

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